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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela

Having studied dozens of childcare methodologies during my education I have become a strong advocate of Maria Montessori’s educational views and despite them being over 100 years old they are still so current in today’s educational best practice.


Montessori principles say that children learn best in a natural home environment doing everyday tasks within mixed age groups. Younger children learn from the older ones and older children learn to take care of the younger ones whilst learning patience and developing their emotional intelligence. Children are more apt at learning from their peers than from adults and the older children typically serve as role models, not only socially but academically as well.


Montessori felt that children under 6 should find out about the world through exploration, hence the name Tiny Explorers Childminding. I have created an exciting and educational free-flowing environment within my house and look to implement many of her educational views throughout our everyday play and the tasks and lessons that I create.


I believe that every child has potential to do superb things with the right support and stimulating environment. An open-ended play, fun free flow environment and child led play is of crucial importance. Effective learning is based on the good balance of child led and adult led activities with shared problem-solving and use of open questions. My role is to make the child independent. This can be achieved by giving children opportunities to choose what they want to do, to dress themselves, and to help me with adult tasks when it is safe and suitable to do so. When children do things for themselves there is an increase in their self-belief, self-confidence and self-esteem and it has a positive impact on their behaviour.


Montessori also placed a high importance on learning outdoors and I will provide all of the children the option of going outside as much as possible. We have lovely sensory activities set up in our garden and I will allow them to participate in growing and gardening projects which have proved to be very popular with my children and their friends. I enjoy taking the children out of the house and setting up ‘Forest School’ projects and take them to the beautiful countryside and Centurion Way which is only a few minutes’ walk from us.

I'd love to discuss the educational needs of your child. Please feel free to reach out for an informal chat.

Thanks for reading.

Rada Scott


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